Monthly Archives: November 2013

OC Comix on Radió na Gaeltachta

The nice people at RNG from the Cruinneog program are interviewing me tomorrow. (CORRECTION: 7 December) I’ll be discussing my zombie comic, and the entire interview will be in Irish. It’s very exciting! If you’d like to listen, here’s the link to their program (and if you miss the show, the podcast will be up next week).

Updates on my zombie comic and life

So lately I’ve lagged behind with my zombie comic. It has not been abandoned at all, however, and I continue working on it daily. The storyline and my drawing style are both developing well. I’ve had more ideas on developing the characters, new locations for the comic, and I have put some research hours into military terminology in Irish…all of which will bear good fruit in time.

I’ve also enjoyed the feedback and positive reaction online, mostly through twitter. The second issue in English will be out this weekend, and the third issue (as Gaeilge) the weekend after next.

I haven’t gotten lazy at all, it’s just the great demands on my time at the moment. I am also working on a novel, trying to find a new day job, updating my graphic design skills, experiencing the great joy of being a dad and husband, helping my wife with her projects, learning Spanish and preparing for a new O’Connor to enter the world! So between all that, I’ve had my hands full!

The language learning is probably taking up the most time of any of my projects. I am still expanding my knowledge in Irish, so I can describe any and all situations to my daughter, as we only use Irish with each other (latest word she’s learned to use appropriately: ). At the same time, I have diligently been studying and learning Spanish, which has been enjoyable. I still do some work in French, so there are many days when I use four languages total. I am only too aware that at times I sound like one of those silly cat memes while babbling away…however, suffering embarrassment is part of the process (albeit only at the hands of my clever wife)!